Extra information about adobe heaters

Air supply:
While burning wood it is important that sufficient oxygen reaches the fire. Our preferred method is to draw in air from the room where the heater is built. The air in the room is replenished from the outside through chinks, vents and open windows and doors. This air coming in from the room is pre-heated and does not disrupt the proper combustion in the masonry heater. In some cases, use of the room air is not possible. In these cases, a special tube to draw in outside air is built which ends in the heater itself or close by.

Heated walls and heated benches:
Burning wood in the heater produces hot combustion gases. These gases are led throughout the heater before they exit through the chimney. This normal countercurrent principle can be extended by leading the flue gases through a specially constructed wall or bench. Here the gases give off some of their heat, creating a pleasantly warm surface. This increases the efficiency of the heater and simultaneously creates a nice warm place to relax. Adobe heaters are perfect for sitting or leaning against because of the mild surface temperature.

Toby Hafner heat exchanger:
Our adobe heaters can be extended with a heated bench, wall or bake-oven. It is also possible to add a build-in heat exchanger. This heat exchanger can be placed in our adobe heaters, as well as in our finovens, Tulikivi soapstone heaters, our cookstoves and bake-ovens. We work with the patented heat exchanger made by Toby Hafner. This system consists of copper pipes pressed in an aluminum plate, in which all connections are brazed. Water that flows through the pipes in the heat exchanger absorbs and transports heat generated by the heater. The energy released by burning wood in a massive heater warms the room where the heater itself is located. A heat exchanger makes it possible to use this energy in other places in the house aswell, such as heating a wall or for storage in a boiler.

The heat exchanger panels are placed between the inner and outer walls of the masonry heater, where the specially shaped panels ensure an optimum heat transfer. The Toby Hafner system is not in direct contact with the fire or smoke and therefore requires no maintenance. This means the high-quality heat exchanger has a long service life. The heat exchanger has no influence on the clean combustion of the stove and does not change the high efficiency -approximately 85%- of the heater .

The way the heat exchanger is installed in the heater depends on the wishes of the customer, such as the amount of heated water needed. Depending on the amount and place of the panels, approximately 50% of the heat generated by the heater can be absorbed by the water. By applying this Toby Hafner system the heater needs to be fire more often or longer, because heat is extracted from the heater itself. Vuurmeesters is importer of Toby Hafner products for the Netherlands. Over the years we have built a dozen masonry heaters with a TH-exchanger. We can advise you from experience and provide both standard and customized panels and systems.