Adobe heater models

By using adobe bricks as a building material almost every heater design can be realized, depending on heating needs and the size of the room. We are specialists in designing heaters in accordance with your wishes and in making individual customizations. Vuurmeesters builds masonry heaters with a straight design that fit in a modern interior as well as models with rounded organic forms. Previously build and designed models include freestanding adobe heaters, organically shaped models with heated benches, as well as custom made staircase models.

Our artisan way of building results in a personal and unique heater. While designing a masonry heater it is possible to include a warm bench, couch or heated wall where you can be pampered by the pleasant heat. A wood-fired oven can also be included. By including an oven, you can prepare a variety of food in the heater. Each adobe heater needs a chimney, which we can integrate directly in the design. During the designing of your stove, we encourage you to express your personal wishes and ideas which we can include in your heater.

The heater construction process starts at the round table in the Vuurmeesters showroom, where plans become sketches, which in turn can evolve into miniatures or clay models. The heater design is largely determined by the housing situation, which we take into consideration during the design phase. An adobe heater can for example be placed in the corner, be completely freestanding, or function as a room divider. If everyone is satisfied with the final design, a personal cost estimate is made and then the artisan work can begin. We offer the possibility to customers to assist during the construction of their heater.

The appearance of the stove is largely determined by the heater door. All our adobe heaters are equipped with a high-quality door with a ceramic glass window. This allows a good, unobstructed view of the fire and allows safe and pleasant heating with wood. There are different types of heater doors: rectangular versions fitting in sleek adobe stoves but also doors with rounded edges that fit into a more organically shaped heater. Vuurmeesters imports cast iron and steels doors directly from Finland. These can be found in our webshop.

Besides customized and personallized stoves, Vuurmeesters also builds standardized adobe stoves. These standard models are called finovens and come in many varieties. Examples include corner models, bake-ovens and models with rounded corners. Because finoven-bricks come pre-sawn the construction of a finoven is generally faster than that of an adobe stove, but less individual design changes are possible.
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