Extra information about soapstone heaters

Tulikivi information days:
Vuurmeesters regularly organizes Tulikivi information days. On these days there is a special advisor in our showroom who can tell you everything about the natural soapstone rock, the unique construction of the heater, the pleasant radiant heat, the efficient firing and the effects on the environment. The latest developments in the field of soapstone heaters are also discussed. After the presentation, an extensive firing demonstration is given in our showroom. We light one of our soapstone heaters with oven and heated bench. There is also coffee or tea with a snack, prepared on our woodcooker. For more information about our next presentation, please check our news page.

Heat exchanger W10:
Tulikivi has developed a heat exchanger for their soapstone heaters with a double layer construction, so that the heater can be included in the central heating system of the house. This means that not only our adobe heaters, finovens and woodcookers and baking ovens can include a heat exchanger, but also the Finnish soapstone heaters!
Using the Tulikivi W10 heating system means you can heat even more efficiently with environmentally friendly bioenergy, so you can save more in energy costs. The high-quality heat exchanger elements are placed between the inner and outer layer of the soapstone heater. Here they have no impact on the firing efficiency, and never come into contact with hot flue gases. They transport the heat stored in the oven to the water; it is possible to transfer approximately half of the energy generated away from the heater. This water can then be used for floor-heating or be stored in a storage tank for later use. The innovative system is safe and designed specifically for these high efficiency heaters. It is also possible to combine this system with a solar collector. Vuurmeesters has built a number of these systems.

Moving a heater:
Due to the unique way a Tulikivi soapstone heater is constructed, it is possible to carefully dismantle it. The stones can then be reused and the heater rebuilt, so the heater can relocate with the owners to a new home. Vuurmeesters has extensive experience in dismantling and reassembly of these massive heaters.

Soapstone heater accessories:
Vuurmeesters provides all required soapstone heater accessories and parts such as ceramic glass, grates, spoilers, ceramic refractory plates and fire-resistant cord. We also sell products made of Finnish soapstone, for example soapstone pans, grills and griddles. For information please contact us or visit our webshop.