Soapstone heater gallery

On this page you can view some of the Tulikivi soapstone heaters built by Vuurmeesters. Over the years we have not only built large and smaller models, but also cookstoves and baking ovens. In many cases an extension of the Tulikivi standard model with a heated bench was possible to obtain a personalized heating source.

Click on each photo for a larger version.

DSC02000.jpg  P6160024.jpg  6112007047.jpg  6112009081.jpg  DSC03167.jpg  6112010062.jpg  15.jpg  6112006226.jpg  6112011242.jpg  6112006067.jpg  6112001979.jpg  6112006077.jpg  P8270023.jpg  P1010981.jpg  6009002018.jpg  P1000911.jpg  P1000676.jpg  DSC03464.jpg  6009002009.jpg  DSC04347.jpg  P9250040.jpg  P1010148.jpg  vanenker.jpg  P1010873.jpg  6009002300.jpg  Afb010.jpg  6112002339.jpg  P1010971.jpg  6112001888.jpg  P1000568.jpg  DSC01946.jpg  PB070043.jpg