Soapstone heater functioning

Soapstone heaters are set apart from our other heaters because of the use of Finnish soapstone. This heavy stone has excellent heat absorption and is therefore ideally suited for use in a massive heater; the name Tulikivi means fire-stone, or a stone suited for fire. Through the layered structure of the soapstone, Tulikivi soapstones reach a higher outside temperature compared to finovens or adobe heaters. Only a small amount of timber is sufficient to heat a room, and the radiant heat is dispersed for 24 hours. The exact heating capacity is mainly determined by the weight of the soapstone heater. Vuurmeesters builds different models and variations of soapstone heaters, both light and heavy.

A massive soapstone heater has a very high efficiency. A specially designed combustion chamber ensures a good supply of oxygen during firing, not only through the grid below but also through the side walls of the chamber. The material in this recently patented vortex chamber also ensures efficient and clean burning wood. The very hot flue gases are led through so-called counter flow channels throughout the heater. During this long process gases have time to transfer their heat to the surrounding material: the soapstone. The soapstone mass stores the heat much like a battery, and then radiates it outwards during the whole day. The path of flow channels can be extended in most Tulikivi models by adding a heated bench. Such a heated bench can be built out of solid soapstone slabs, so that it seamlessly fits to your heater.

All Tulikivi fireplaces have been tested for their efficiency and meet the strictest emission standards. Tulikivi is the first heater manufacturer to get the ISO 9001 quality certificate and passed the most demanding safety tests. Various efficiency-enhancing designs are included such as the special vortex chambers. Models with ovens offer a special construction to gain an even higher efficiency from wood. The charcoal in the oven can be pushed into the firing room so that more energy is released, which means there is a longer constant temperature for better baking and an increase in efficiency.

An equal amount of CO2 is released when a tree is left in the forest after it dies or when it burns in your Tulikivi fireplace. Therefore, firing wood in a massive heater is CO2 neutral. With a Tulikivi soapstone heater it is important that the firewood is dry and untreated, as it is in all our heaters. All types of wood, including the light resinous ones like birch, pine and fir, and even waste wood can easily be fired in these heaters. Another possibility is the placement of a special basket in the firing room in which pellets of compressed sawn wood can be burned.
Each heater is supplied with a special service package containing detailed heating instructions.

A Tulikivi soapstone heater can serve as the main or additional heat source. This depends on the model chosen, the insulation of the room and the location of the heater in the room. Regardless of the model chosen or your living situation, you will always save on your heating cost by regularly firing a massive heater. Our customers report that their Tulikivi is an asset which they enjoy daily. Not only do they love the pleasant radiant heat, they also enjoy an excellent view of the beautiful fire through the ceramic-glass door. A Tulikivi fireplace lasts a lifetime because of the high quality of materials and carefull development and construction.